Léo Ducas

Special guest

Léo Ducas obtained his PhD at ENS Paris, on the topic of Lattice-based Cryptography. After a post-doc at UCSD, he joined the Cryptology Group of the Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI, Amsterdam) in 2015, where he is now tenured.

Léo does research on cryptology, with a special taste for lattices, algorithms, and cryptanalysis. He enjoys all aspects of this topic, from algebraic number theory, down to fast implementation. Léo has also contributed to quantum cryptanalysis of lattice-based schemes, showing that not all lattice problems are equally resistant to quantum computing. He is a co-designer of several candidate schemes to the NIST post-quantum standardisation process, two of which (Kyber & Dilithium) are now at the final round.

Léo is a proponent of openness in science, especially regarding software source code; he systematically makes his research artefacts open source, and contributes regularly to the lattice reduction library FPLLL.

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