Lúcás Meier

Co-Host of Cryptography FM

I’m Lúcás: currently a final year MSc student in Computer Science at EPFL.

My main interest is cryptography. I’ve done both applied work as well as more theoretical research. In particular, I like thinking about multiparty computation (MPC), zero-knowledge proofs, as well as engineering concerns like constant-time arithmetic and performance optimizations. I enjoy applying cutting edge techniques to real-world problems. There’s a virtuous cycle between the needs of users and pushing the frontier of research, and I like being in that loop.

I’ve also been programming since 2017 or so, and I try to have a somewhat public profile on the things I do. Topics I’ve enjoyed here include functional programming, distributed systems, and programming languages. I’ve programmed in a plethora of languages, but I mainly work in Rust, Go, and Python.

I also like math quite a bit; interests there include algebra and category theory.

Lúcás Meier has hosted three Episodes.