Nadim Kobeissi

Co-Host of Cryptography FM

Nadim currently runs Symbolic Software, a Paris-based applied cryptography consulting office. As its director, he manages a small team that offers security audits, cryptographic protocol design and formal verification services. Since its founding in 2018, Symbolic Software has completed and delivered over 200 software and cryptographic audits for clients all around the world.

Nadim is also the author of Verifpal, new software for verifying the security of cryptographic protocols. Building upon contemporary research in symbolic formal verification, Verifpal’s main aim is to appeal more to real-world practitioners, students and engineers without sacrificing comprehensive formal verification features.

In 2018, Nadim defended his Ph.D. thesis, Formal Verification for Real-World Cryptographic Protocols and Implementations, at Inria Paris, after 3½ years of research with team PROSECCO. In 2018 and 2019, Nadim also designed and taught the computer security course at New York University's Paris campus, where he served as an adjunct professor.

Nadim Kobeissi has hosted 24 Episodes.